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»Students are advised to visit counseling center and confirm admission at the earliest.

»In podar college, counseling cell is operative for guidance from 8:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs daily, on working days.

Podar College Toppers
Session 2013-14

BCA 1st - Ramesh Kumar - 73.67%
BCA 2nd - Jyoti Kumari - 82.33%
BCA 3rd - Manju Kumari - 73.83%
BCA 3rd - Pravin Kumar - 73.83%
BCA Aggregate - Sanjay Singh                                   69.83%

B. Sc 1st(BT)-Vikas Kr Meel-55.56%
B.Sc 2nd(BT)-Renu Shekhawat-79.06%
B. Sc 3rd(BT)-Mukesh Kumar- 68.48%

B.Sc (BT) Aggregate - Mukesh                                        Kumar- 68.48%

B. Sc 1st (M) - Satpal Singh - 89.78%
B. Sc 2nd(M)-Sumitra Singh- 81.78%
B. Sc 3rd(M)-Madhu Kumari- 89.78%
B. Sc(M)Aggregate - Madhu Kumari                                        89.78%

B.Com 1st - Monika Sikaria- 66.17%
B. Com 2nd - Piyush Saini - 66%
B. Com 3rd - Vikas Yadav - 69.50%
B. Com Aggregate - Sarita Sharma

 Our Vision


To see an India where man and nature can co-exist in harmony,where equality, justice and understanding are nurtured to develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts. We believe in our vision of a better tomorrow and better world.

 Our Mission 

The mission of the Trust is to provide quality education to the students; and to produce young people through our holistic value-based and progressive education, of whom any family, college or nation can be proud of.

 Our Motto 


Excellence & Growth.



            » To integrate, and make learning student-centric.
            » To enhance development and growth.
            » To provide multi-career opportunities.
            » To imbibe ethical global trends.
            » To make youth self-reliant, and build their confidence.
            » To collaborate with industries to provide training to our students.
            » To increase employability of our students through value added education.
            » To contribute human resources at national and international levels.
            » To impart value based, quality education.
            » To invigorate a zest for learning.
            » To Motivate individuals towards excellence.
            » To create a conducive environment for research.