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— Executive Council of Podar IT Association

Class-wise Computer / IT quiz Nov 14, 2009
Every student in the class was asked to opt for the question mentioned against a serial number. 2 marks were awarded for the right answer and would the question of his choice would be left open in case wrong answer. 1 mark was awarded for the correct answer of the open question. There were more than one rounds depending on the number of students.
Inter- class IT quiz for BCA and M.Sc (IT) students

On the basis of the performance shown in class-wise IT quiz on Nov 14, 2009 three teams were constituted as under for inter class IT quiz which was held on Dec 07, 2009. 
Four Teams
Team A: BCA Pt I       Vikram Singh Tanket & Praveen Kr Sharma
Team B: BCA Pt II      Mukesh Saini & Pawan Jagrat          
Team C           BCA Pt III        Vivek Khandel & Manoj Kumar
Team D           M.Sc (IT)         Poonam Shekhawat & Sweta Chhapola
Four rounds: The quiz was performed in four rounds. Each round was convened by separate teacher as under : -  
Rounds                                                                                  Rounds
(i) Multiple choice                by Sh NS Pareek                 (iii) Image              by Sh HP Singh
(ii) True / False     by Sh D Dadarwal                               (iv) GK Quiz           by Sh Sumit Kumar

Result: The team C of BCA Pt III was declared winner and team B of BCA Pt II stood runner up.
Class-wise Extempore speech on Nov 27, 2009

This activity was organized in every class of IT and the students who were sort listed for the final round of extempore speech are as under : -
BCA Pt III : 1 Rinku Khichar   2. Sugan Singh        3. Manoj Kumar
BCA Pt II  : 1. Iswar Singh      2. Reena Swami       3. Nayan Jangir
BCA Pt I  :  1. Vikram Singh   2. Bijendra Kumar     3. Prakash Sharma

M.Sc IT I  :  1. Sweta Chhapola2. Jitendra Kumar   3. Hitesh Kumar